Mia Smith, Library Media Specialist, @CreedsLMS

Kate Mraz, Library Media Assistant, @CreedsLMA

The Birthday Book Club is a way to make a donation to the Creeds LMC and recognize your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or loved one on his or her birthday. For a $10 donation, your child will select a book to be placed in the Creeds LMC. His or her name will be placed in the book and he or she will be recognized as a member of the Birthday Book Club on the Morning Announcements. The Birthday Book Club member will also be the first student to check out his or her birthday book. Enrollment takes place during the month of September. 

Book in a Minute is a brief book review completed by students. Forms are located in the LMC. Students earn two Book Bucks for completing a Book in a Minute and may be featured on the morning announcements.

Go to to access the Destiny Home Page. Be sure to select Creeds. Electronic Books can be accessed through Destiny. Ebooks may be read on a computer or tablet.

Book Bucks are earned by students for outstanding behavior and participation in activities and lessons in the LMC. Students may use their Book Bucks to earn an extra book checkout.

Overdue books are not fun for anyone. Many of our most popular books are on hold for other students. Please remind your child to return library books on time. The due date is on the back of the book. Students may renew a book if it is not on hold for another student.